Kent State

September 3rd, 2009


After years of planning, the anticipation has run at high levels and I am happy to say that my trusty companion, Bogart, an energetic Boston Terrier, and I have completed our first campus visit.  Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.  This first step has definitely exceeded my expectations.

The bus is a real attention getter and when I pulled into Starbuck’s it drew a crowd right away.  I arrived late on Tuesday the 1st, and immediately began to interact with the students.  On Thursday I was helped by an article written by Cassie Adams and the photos she took for the school paper, The Kent Stater. The article appeared on Friday morning, a real publishing miracle.  By the time I was ready to close, I’ll bet I had spoken to over 400 young adults.  What a great generation, all positive feedback and a real desire to talk about the trip and stay involved.

Please let me know through this blog of your comments.  I’ll be sure to read every one, but I’m not as sure I’ll be able to respond to each one, I’ll do my best, I promise.

View the article from the Daily Kent Stater

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