September 4th, 2009

I arrived in Oberlin late this afternoon, at a farmer’s market, no less.  It turned out to be a great move because I was immediately greeted by many people who were interested and enthused about what I was doing.  My welcome included a tour of the city with a long time resident Glenn, dinner invitations, a free minor repair of the bus, and an interview in the Oberlin newspaper. It’s clear that politics have no meaning in the message I’m bring to these communities. 


Tomorrow I’ll be volunteering at the local animal shelter and I hope I’ll be able to bring along a few students to give me a hand. All in all, it has been a great reception, the weather has been terrific and the people have responded beyond my expectations.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and I’m really starting to think I’m on to something.  I’ve been invited back in a couple weeks to meet with more people who may offer some ideas on how to “spread the word.”  I’ll certainly be there for that.

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