Kentucky State University

October 23rd, 2009

1023091500Today it was back to Kentucky State University, about 20 miles from Lexington.  I’m sure it’s not true, but it really seemed that all the buildings on this campus are on one big hill, with signs all over that say, “Make sure you get a parking pass.”  Since I didn’t have a pass, I was careful about where I was going to park, since I didn’t think it would be too good if the Kindness bus got impounded.

I finally found a suitable spot when, as things happen on this trip, the person parking in the space next to me was a freshman, Will Tidwell.  Will’s dad is Dr. Tidwell, a professor of Aquaculture, and as a result, Will grew up on the campus.   He was most hospitable and had the time to give me a campus tour, and introduced me to his dad. His mom is a high school teacher and will help the kindness project spread to her school.

Will had some difficulty in high school, being the target of bullying.  As some success stories go, he worked his way through it and rose above it, making him a better person.  He has earned my great respect for that.  I appointed Will the “Kindness Ambassador on Campus.”  He’s now in charge of the project here and has 250 stickers to pass out within a year.

This was a great stop for the Kindness project.

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