Miami University

October 15th, 2009

I arrived in the morning and was totally amazed at the level of activity on the campus here.  As it turns out, this was the last day of class before the Fall Break.  I saw a lot of students walking around with laundry bags stuffed full; I’m thinking that there are going to be a lot of very busy moms for the next few days.

I set up on the corner of Spring and Patterson, a very busy intersection with a lot of pedestrian traffic, I had about two  minutes to talk to them on a more or less captive basis as they waited for the light to change.  As it was, I’ll bet I spoke to about 500 people.  Even though it was a quick chat with these kids, the level of interest seemed very high. Being set up on the corner thousands of kids were in buses and cars passing by this corner as they headed home. Many of them showed their approval as they passed by. On campus I met Daniel Miller, from England, who is the President of the Miami Entrepreneurs Club.  I found Daniel to be a very civic minded person, wanting to get involved and help others while dovetailing kindness with business.

That evening I went to 45 East, a restaurant/sports bar.  It was a nice place with a great bartender and a lot of interest on the Kindness project. There I met Billy and Danny who belong to a group which works for the betterment of the Campus.  Both were very interested and took some stickers to keep the message alive.  This was a good day.

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