One of the Best Days Yet!

October 21st, 2009


Things started out in a big way when Bogart got caught in one of those Have-a-Heart traps.  I think it must have been set up for a raccoon or a skunk or something like that.  I was able to pull him out by the legs and in just a few minutes, he was his good ‘ol self.

I got a call from William Croyle, a writer for the Kentucky Enquirer, the Northern Kentucky newspaper.  His 3 kids were home with the flu so he couldn’t come out to the campus, but I spoke to him on the phone for about 45 minutes; he wanted to know all about the Kindness project.  

Back to Northern Kentucky University, I was lucky to get permission to park in quite possibly the best spot on the entire campus, the student union plaza. Having the last name of  Votruba has very little ”pull” in most parts of the world, but here at NKU where the President of the University’s last name is Votruba, it seems to open doors.  The plaza is set right in the midst of stores, restaurants and tons of student traffic.  Later, a photographer and videographer, Patrick Reddy, came to take some pictures and video.  I wore a wireless microphone and, all in all, I must have talked to 1200 students in the 8 ½ hours I was there.  The sunny skies and 72 degrees were certainly a big help.  Later, I received a call from Sumaiya from the San Francisco online paper, “The Good News Gazette.”  She heard about the Kindness Project and we spent an hour on the phone discussing the entire effort.  Their web site is  Interest is growing nationwide, I can see it happening from the many calls I am getting.  

There was one more thing that happened today that really put icing on the cake.  There was a fellow not far from the bus that wore a red t-shirt with the words, “God Hates You” printed on the front.  I guess that’s all someone needs to know to figure out what kind of message he was sending.  After a while, I could see that there was practically no one giving him any attention at all.  At the same time, I was talking to dozens of students, handing out stickers, and Bogart was getting petted by all the girls who walked by.  Even though he’s a dog, I could tell he was smiling.  Soon, the fellow of doom could see he was chopped liver, so he folded up his act and left.  Chalk one up for One Million Acts of Kindness.

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  1. Anita says:

    We loved having you at NKU! It was the highlight of my day with so many crazies preaching hate – you are a welcome change. My students are doing a Peanut Butter and Jelly Time – free sandwich give-a-way on campus – in the exact spot you parked your bus on Nov 4th to promote your concept. . . thanks for stopping at NKU along the way.

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