Yellow Springs, Ohio

October 10th, 2009


On my way to Yellow Springs, Ohio I stopped for gas when two separate groups stopped by and asked if I was going to Yellow Springs.  As it turns out, the semi-annual Yellow Springs Street Fair is going on.  Perfect for me.  The road was clear until I got to about a mile away, then I hit the festival grid lock.  I eventually wound my way around, and conveniently found a side street that was a dead end at the street fair.  I found a great place to park in that the car right in front of me had a license plate that reads, “BE KIND.”  Can you believe it?  I left a note on the windshield and later met the car’s owner, Donna.  We had a nice chat, and as usual, she was going to follow the project along the way. I met a mother and father with their daughter. What beautiful, caring parents they are to her and a blessing to them, to have her as a daughter.

It was so nice to see what a peaceful town this is.  Much of the town is the campus of Antioch College which has some beautiful classic buildings.  A nice town with great people.  The festival was largely arts and crafts and a group of people that could only be described as friendly, down to earth and environmentally conscious.

Later I found a great coffee shop, Brother Bear Coffee, that had a band playing, The Full Circle Band.  The band consisted of Scott, the father, and his 2 sons, Blaze and his younger brother Bear.  I’m guessing that Blaze was about 12 years old and a great guitar player. Bear played the harmonica with big passion.  It was a truly enjoyable evening sitting and having an evening coffee and being entertained with great music. What a nice connection Scott has with his two sons through the music they write and play.

I got some help from John, the chief of police on where I can park the bus for the night.  What a great town!  Even The Chief of Police bends over backwards to help. I wound up on a side street, nice and quiet.

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