Anderson University

November 9th, 2009

1109091036This had to be another quick stop, sorry to say.  While I didn’t talk to very many students, every one that I did talk to was incredibly nice and polite.  This would be a place I would spend more time if my schedule was more flexible.  I saw they had a blood drive going on, I would have gladly given some, but it’s been too soon since my last “withdrawal.”

It was then on to Muncie and Ball State University.  When I stopped for gas along the way, I met Tom Steiner.  Tom is a business advisor and invited me for dinner tomorrow night. I reluctantly had to decline since a home cooked meal sounds pretty good right about now.  Tom said he’d keep track of the Project on the blog, and Facebook, and I’m invited back whenever I can make it.  What a great guy.

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