Defiance College

November 12th, 2009


Bogart and I had the good fortune of staying at Mimi and Stephen’s house last night and had a great home cooked breakfast this morning.  The kids loved Bogart and asked for a ride to school on the bus, which I was very happy to do.  I met the school’s administrator who asked if I could speak to the kids today.  I reluctantly had to say no, as I really had to be on my way, but I promised to come back and speak in January.  I left enough stickers for the entire school class and their parents, about 1,000 stickers in all.

We made it to Defiance College, in Defiance, Ohio and soon found a small college with a big heart.  This is a school that is heavy into service, for the local community and beyond.  While driving, I saw a statue of an American Indian who was known as a great peacemaker, which is a good fit for the Kindness Project.  It was also a good photo-op for Bogart.  We’re at the point now that when Bogie sees a statue, he just goes over to it and sits there until I take a picture.  Smart dog.  He really loves hamming it up for the camera.

I met 3 young ladies, Jocelyn, Mariah, and Reese who thought the Kindness Project was a great idea.  After our conversation, I thought that, big campus or small, if I could really reach just one student to carry on this message, it would be well worth it.  Bogart and I then went over to a sports field and watched some high school teams practice for a while, then it was off to Bowling Green.  If I can get there tonight, I can spend a full day there tomorrow.

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