University of Tennessee

November 4th, 2009

I arrived on Campus kind of late, around 8:30. I found what looked like a great spot to set things up, the problem was parking….duh, really?  Still, I thought this was such a great spot, I had to focus right there. It’s a crosswalk by the library, on Volunteer Drive, no less, but there was a great deal of student traffic and it was ideal for the Kindness Project.

Trouble was, I had to park about ½ mile away and Bogart, my sign, and I trekked back to the hotspot.  Nevertheless, each day gets better. Today, in the 6-7 hours I was there, I must have spoken to 1500-1600 students. 

My conversations ranged from a young lady who was involved in Senior Citizen music therapy who thought the Kindness Project was a great fit, to a couple offers of tickets to tonight’s basketball game, which I had to decline.  I knew times had changed when one of the students bought me a coffee, since when I was in school I didn’t even have money for that. It was more than great, it was super great.  To add icing on the cake, there were no squirrels for Bogart to go crazy over. Bogart is fast becoming everyone’s adopted pet, while away from their own pets back at home.

I noticed a few parking spots across the street that would be perfect for me tomorrow.  I decided to get up early, really early, on the advice of a few students and stake my claim.

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