Bob Jones University

December 7th, 2009

Arriving at this campus earlier in the day, The Kindness Bus was welcomed with open arms, from the guard at the front gate, to the two students who talked with me before I left, and everyone in between. This university had some of the most polite students one could meet. Most students, I am realizing, are pre-occupied with upcoming finals, and will talk with me but have limited time. The two students who talked with me just before I left are Mitch and Emily. They were thrilled to see The Kindness Bus on their campus. Now these two kids know a good “ride” when they see one. Both Mitch and Emily have been on their personal one million acts of kindness, long before I arrived today. They are two great kids who respect and value what is important in their lives. I’m betting this entire student body is cut from the same cloth. I am hoping to visit these same two schools tomorrow.

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  1. Mitch Miller says:

    Emily and I just want to say how much we appreciate this movement! We are firm believers in kindness and we hate hatred! I even have a blog called Things like murder, fighting, and rape are things we are highly interested in fighting against and we were just so impressed by Bob’s zeal to prevent the same things! I believe that one million acts of kindness is going to make a huge difference in our nation and I am praying that God uses it to reach many people. The reason Emily and I believe in kindness so much is because we are Christians. We have put our faith in Jesus who showed the greatest acts of kindness. He healed the blind, and the sick, and fed the hungry. We follow Jesus! And that means we want to do what he did, and he has done more than a million acts of kindness. The greatest of which is when he shed his blood on the cross for the sins of the world, “that whosever believes in him, would not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). Now that he has risen from the grave he is our savior, and the one who enables us to perform one million acts of kindness! Thanks, Bob! Much love!

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