Clemson and Region

December 14th, 2009

1210091636Ninety-two years young and learning to use his computer, Clarence Haynes of Toronto, Ontario, Canada called today to inquire about One Million Acts Of Kindness. He has a heart of gold, as he keeps up with getting 90+ year olds involved with an organization called an Amigo Circle of Friends. He is also helping to renovate a camp for kids with diabetes. What a great role model for everyone.

Before getting started for our visit to the Clemson campus, Taylor and Corrie stopped by The Kindness Bus as they circled the popular restaurant’s drive-through. The looks on both of their faces was priceless. They were totally blown away by the messages on the bus and wanted to know more. These beautiful young women talked of their volunteering at hospitals and helping others. They are both well on their way to a life of kindness and caring. Mom, Dad…Great job.

Bogart and I visited the campus, void of nearly every student except for those about to graduate after doing an extra half lap or graduating a half lap early. There were several people who now know us on a first name basis, as this is now our sixth day on campus. We only made contact with forty or so, but this is more than I expected. Another big moment today was receiving an email from the President of Clemson University, James F. Barker thanking us for visiting his University and the work we are doing.

Last evening I received an email from Bianca Clark, a student at Clemson. She extended an invitation to Bogart and me to attend a small informal dinner party to honor the work we are doing. We thought about a nanosecond, about that RSVP. We arrived at dinner this evening to find eleven students helping in one fashion or another to make tonight’s dinner party a success. This homemade dinner with dessert was a welcome change with great company and conversation. I owe all of you big time. Thanks go out to Bianca, Rebecca, Katie, Meredith, Caroline, John, Brian, Jim, Dan, Miller, and Xavier.

President Barker, you have one friendly student body. Thank you for the southern hospitality.

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  1. Jana says:

    Hi! I am from Clemson and am so glad I saw your bus! We didn’t talk, but I really appreciate what you are doing.

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