Clemson U. and a Magical Bus Ride

December 11th, 2009

1211091633Early morning coffee brought a mix of all sorts of happy people who seemed to be celebrating the fact they thought they had done well on their finals. Nora, a sophomore, was taking coffee home to have with her mom, to celebrate over breakfast. She was going to tell her mom all about the new goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness in her life. Ciara who worked at the restaurant said, “What a cool thing you are doing, thank you for doing it.” We arrived at the center of campus to find it nearly deserted. Most everyone seems to have finished finals. We had to get creative and decided to drive The Kindness Bus around this large campus and look for popular spots. We were able to make contact with nearly one hundred students. By day’s end, it is almost as if this campus let out a huge sigh of relief. Finals being history and now just wait for the grades. I told one of the professors who walked by the bus to do all the students a big favor and just give everyone an A and a Kindness sticker. She almost went for it.

Kelly, a mother of two, who I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of days ago, told me of her daughter who has leukemia. She told me of all the procedures her daughter has been through and the hospitals she has been to. I thought, how could Bogart possibly work some magic to help her daughter, Miriam? This afternoon, I called to ask if Miriam would like to have a ride in the Kindness Bus with Bogart. Kelly said Miriam would be thrilled and that her other daughter Riley would be thrilled to come as well. As unbelievable as it sounds, Miriam had even expressed an interest to her mother in riding a bus today. We circled the town and I received a fun commentary from those two beautiful girls.

Yesterday was and today is one of those days where lessons come your way if you remain cognizant of what is taking place right before your very eyes. Two very young beautiful girls with battles much bigger than any of us should ever have to deal with, show such amazing courage as if it is everyday run-of-the-mill, matter of fact, no big deal. This amazes me to no end.

Lesson learned; The Kindness Bus must have passed by countless Children’s hospitals in the nearly four thousand mile journey thus far. Not anymore‼

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