Clemson University

December 9th, 2009

1209091641aTemperatures flirting with70 degrees will make any student, no matter the amount of cramming needed for an upcoming final, come out to enjoy the weather. As I drove through the streets of this campus, this early afternoon, I could tell that it is going to be a great three days. Kids waving, pulling out their camera phones and loads of smiles were all I saw. I pulled in to the center of campus and the number one parking space was mine. Maybe they knew we were coming. Moments after getting out of The Kindness Bus, Nicole, a student, walked up in amazement. Her interest in the message of kindness was huge. The Kindness Bus has at least one message that hits home with everyone. Jason, from New York, another student walked up as we were talking. Some of his friends that I had just talked with moments earlier sent him. He was very complimentary of this mission and in agreement of the need. Ash and Cameron, two of Jason’s friends joined in the group. By conversations end, I was invited to be on Cameron’s college radio show and to hang out with the group Friday night. Bogart and I stayed on this friendly campus long after nightfall. Bogart “treed” nine squirrels in one chase as he led me through the green space. I had the pleasure of meeting Rusty, a father of a teen-ager. He was so pleased with Bogart, The Bus, and Bob being in town that he treated us to dinner at his restaurant. He got a handful of stickers in return.

Today the online version of the AARP article on One Million Acts Of Kindness was launched. It is a great article written by Vickie Elmer.

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  1. Kenny McElhaney says:

    Bob – it was great meeting you today. Glad to see you met Cameron and Ash, they are seriously two of the best guys to talk to to get word of your mission out.

    I just want to say that you’re truly an inspiration, and I have no doubt whatsoever that this movement of yours will change the world.

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