Clemson Weekend

December 13th, 2009

1214091545Changing plans to remain in Clemson until Tuesday morning were necessary to plan the itinerary of returning north and visiting hospitals along the way. The Kindness Sleigh will visit children’s hospitals in Greenville, SC;  Charlotte, NC;  Blacksburg, VA;  Charleston, WV;  and Columbus, OH.  Bogart and I couldn’t be more thrilled to try to brighten the day of others. Bogart is going to play the part of one of the reindeer, probably, Dasher. Once again, people just seem to enter our lives at just the right time, as we travel along. Jim Graham, one of the Clemson University Police Officers stopped by The Kindness Bus over the weekend to check it out up-close. During our conversation, he mentioned that he and his wife used to visit hospitals dressed as clowns. They would entertain children and adults alike with all sorts of fun antics. He gave me great insight in visiting hospitals.

The people of Clemson, have been the most hospitable as one could be during my extended stay in this town. All sorts of offers of southern hospitality for Bogart and me have been extended. We have even been invited to a small dinner party tomorrow night. Bogart is the guest of honor. Everyone in this town is very interested in the mission of One Million Acts Of Kindness. I think we are on to something.

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