Furman University

December 7th, 2009

1209090952What a great campus, and Bogart thinks so as well. We both were on our personal missions, Bogart to find a squirrel and I was hoping to find a great person “in the know” at this private university. As we walked toward the Furman University fitness center, several students talked with me about the Kindness Bus and its mission. As we neared the facility, Brandon, a specialist at the facility was very helpful. He and I talked for sometime about One Million Acts Of Kindness. I was trying to get us in the door and Bogart tried to get us kicked out while Brandon and I chatted. Before we parted, Brandon told me the person to talk with was inside at the desk. Hannah Tedder was just who the Kindness Bus Tour needed to meet today, or maybe it was just that the two of us have names that are palindromes; we shared a laugh over that one. Hannah, after hearing of its mission, was all over the idea of passing out stickers at fitness center and telling others of the goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness. As we walked toward the bus, a call of my name sounded, it was Hannah. She asked if I would like to talk at the college Tuesday evening at their Christmas gathering, of course I would love to. More “red carpet” for The Kindness Bus Tour.

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