Greenville Humane Society

December 8th, 2009

1208091656It seems that we are running into one day of rain per week, this was that day. Today’s rain was to be an all day soaker. Outdoor activities were curtailed after fifteen minutes making me go with plan B for the day. The problem being, I had no plan B, all that was about to change with a chance meeting. It seems this is how it goes on The Kindness Bus Tour. While drying out over an early morning cup of coffee, I heard a voice in the distance, asking others if they were with the bus. The voice belonged to Elaine Stone, champion of dogs in distress. She provides permanent safe harbor for dogs who have had miserable existences. Once in her care, the dogs live life like royalty. She was very interested in Bogart being a rescue dog. She wanted to know all about him and shared her stories of her beloved dogs. What a great chance meeting and conversation that would warm the heart of any dog lover. Bogart, of course loved meeting her.

Our meeting got me thinking of spending the day volunteering at an animal shelter. As unbelievable as it seems, while driving the bus five minutes later, I see a sign, which reads, Greenville Humane Society. The bus did a hard right into the lot, as if on its own. A woman at the desk said that they really didn’t need anyone. Now I don’t know what kind of look I must have had on my face or if Director, Paula Church just realized that I would do any task, which needed to be done. Two minutes later, she had me working. What a finely tuned operation. What a caring staff. Every dog and cat that comes to the facility is placed. They have been doing this for over sixty years. I love that‼

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