Southern Wesleyan University

December 15th, 2009

1215091159aThis small private university, even though it is closed for Christmas, is worth making the trip to see if any students are still on campus. We arrived to find the campus empty of all students, but faculty and staff were still present. Not to be deterred, we decided to visit some of the buildings. The Library was first on our list and once we met the woman at the front desk, we realized that we wouldn’t need to go any further. This wonderful treasure, Liz Crawford, was all I needed to talk to about One Million Acts Of Kindness. We talked for what seemed the better part of the morning. Liz was a grade school teacher for twenty-five years, all throughout the United States. She has spent the last twenty years at Southern Wesleyan. Being in education for forty-five years, you are bound to see some changes, first-hand.

Liz has a concern about improving the direction this world is headed. She has eleven grandchildren who are younger than the age of eighteen. She talked of a time when things were simpler and there was a sense of community among neighbors. She wants this again, for her grandchildren. The mission of One Million Acts Of Kindness reminded her of that simpler time. Liz said that she thought many students at the University would embrace a goal of kindness. I gave her a stack of stickers for her family and the students upon their return. What a great way to start a new year, vowing to perform One Million Acts Of Kindness.

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