Wofford College and USC Upstate

December 4th, 2009

1204091048Any college, which has a Boston terrier as its mascot, is certainly worth a visit. On my short visit to this peaceful setting, I didn’t see a single squirrel. Boston terriers rule this campus, which is an arboretum as well. There were few students out and about during my limited time on campus. Quality not quantity comes into play at times, and this was one of them. A very inquisitive student approached as I positioned Bogart for today’s photo. Justice Joslin was this young man’s name. He was so interested in The Kindness Bus Tour and the way in which its message is delivered. He talked about traveling the country in a bus after graduation. We talked about him making great meaning of his travels and impacting others along the way. I know he will. Justice is the kind of young man that when you talk to him you can tell he is going to do great things with his life. Keep this young man on your radar screen. Justice agreed to spread the message of a goal of kindness to others. When asked if I could talk about him in the blog, he could not have been more thrilled. There were a couple of other students, Matt, and another student on a skateboard. Both were very helpful with finding my way around campus. I only had contact with twenty people in an hour or so. All the students were very interested in The Kindness Bus Tour. This campus should be on the wish list of all future students and their parents…I am sure Bogart approves as well.

When the first building you see as you pull on to a campus is the School of Nursing and the School of Education building, you just know you are going to have a good visit. This small school with a big name, USC Upstate, is all about being friendly, perhaps it is because these students are about to enter careers where it will be their job to help others. Everyone I talked to was so welcoming. I think I had a conversation with everyone on campus, or it at least seemed that way. Two very helpful and very interested women who work in Financial Services, Debra Caudill, and Eris Bagwell were both so complimentary. As I stood at the window, to their department, they both went to their computer screens and logged on to the One Million Acts Of Kindness website. They were in agreement with everything they saw. They both spoke of how they were going to spread the message of kindness to their families.

**As I re-read that last sentence after typing it, it dawned on me the potential that kindness has.      Re-read it for yourself, and if you have a few minutes, think about the potential that kindness has in your life…and the life of everyone in your family.  They both spoke of how they were going to spread the message of kindness to their families.

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  1. What a gem. I found your blog on Google searching for something else entirely- and now I’m going to have to go back and read through all the old posts XD So much for free time today, but this was a awesome find :)

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