January 5th, 2010


I have been blessed to have many dogs as family pets during the last thirty-five years of my life. Every one of them was a true pleasure to have in my life. Each one of them was always considered a member of the family. The enjoyment of having a dog like Bogart can hardly be put into words. Day in and day out, he is ready to show his appreciation. He is a trooper when it comes to traveling in a bus across the country and meeting with thousands of students a week. He is a trusty companion who loves to show his dedication to me. Bogart is a such a celebrity on campus, as word is starting to spread from friend to friend. He is even going to be on the cover of a dog magazine this month. He even seems to ham it up when a camera points in his direction. What a pleasure it is to have found him. It is hard to believe that one of his previous owners was going to put him down. Visit your local animal shelter today and find your “Bogart”.

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