Change Your Retirement Plans

January 6th, 2010

I am about to begin my fifth month of this ten year mission and a few unexpected things are taking place. I talk primarily to college kids during the course of the week, a lot of them, an average of three thousand kids. I also am talking to hundreds of older adults during each week. I am hearing from a great number of kids about how they are incorporating One Million Acts Of Kindness into their daily lives. Some of them have begun to work on the lifetime goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness. I am finding this to be very rewarding. The part I didn’t count on was the level of interest by older adults. Not that I did not think that they would embrace this movement, but I have now been told by three adults that they have been inspired by this movement to change their retirement plans to a lifetime of service. Wow‼   Change their retirement plans to a lifetime of service. What an unbelievable direction this movement is taking. I never counted on this. This is almost beyond comprehension for me. I am only a guy and a dog traveling the country in an old painted up bus. So now you have me thinking. How many more will there be in ten years of this movement?  Now I’m inspired. Inspired to see, just how many retirement plans that this movement will change.

***Calling all seniors…You and your lifetime of skills are needed The people of this country need your help more than ever. Get involved with the passion you may have for a charity. So many charities have had to cut their budgets because of declining donations. Make a difference by donating your valuable time and experience. Call to see where you are needed. Open your heart to those in need.

3 Responses to “Change Your Retirement Plans”

  1. Anne-Marie Nowak says:

    I have been doing, in a much smaller way, the same kind of discovery you have. The more I show kindness to individuals, the more I even acknowledge kindness, the more of it I see. I am thinking in terms of “Think globally, act locally.” I am limited in my ability to get around, but I can still walk, use public transit, and run errands. It’s amazing how much more good I see once I started looking for good. Good luck to you and to Bogart (my dog Ping Pong also “ruffs”).

  2. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  3. jeanne says:

    Kindness is the key for it implies fairness. Haiti is a public reminder of how greed blinds those in charge from doing what is right for ALL. I am astounded to the timing of the KindnessBusTour and know that it is not by accident that Anne-Marie and myself see changes. Haven’t we all noticed the increasing number of adverts that are about the “better” way to do thing? Like GE and Imagination???? And then there are all the companies who now put % of purchase amounts towards a cause. Something is happening and I sure like what it is. This Kindness Bus Tour and the idea of a million acts of kindness, well….it must be part of it as well. And me, a teacher of over 30 years, getting my school to do a theme of Inspire Kindness, a theme that has been over 5 years in the getting to via all sorts of small single minded ways both purposeful and by coincidence….and based on kids asking to do something after the tsunami….and based on discovering that a huge number of the kids I teach had never heard of the golden rule…Hmmm…something has happened and we have to change it. Kudos and applause to Bob, who is giving his life to start and keep such a change going!