Minor Milestone

January 4th, 2010

Somewhere in South Carolina, the roads are more pleasant to drive on because of this movement. One of my new friends near Greenville told me of an accomplishment which she attributed to One Million Acts of Kindness. She told me she didn’t like to drive with her husband because of a life-long driving habit he has. At the drop of a hat, he will wave one of his fingers at another driver who doesn’t drive to his liking. She has been after him for years to be less animated with his hand gestures. Nothing has worked and she had given up hope quite some time ago. A few days after we left town, she called me to tell me of this and that he had approached her and said, “I don’t know what happened, but ever since Bob came to town with that bus, I have stopped being so impatient with people when I drive”. He told her he was “cured”. Chalk one up for The Kindness Bus Tour. The more I think of it; maybe this was a major milestone.

One Response to “Minor Milestone”

  1. As a grass roots traffic safety activist, I often encourage folks to drive gently and kindly to establish “Road Peace.” a step on the road to World Peace. Finger wavers can be a big problem, as they help spread Road Rage. This kind of change in a person is truly a milestone, as it is not a single act, but many negative acts that won’t happen. Congratulations!
    If I may impart a little rhyme I cooked up:
    Upon revenge let your mind not linger;
    Pity the fool who gave you the finger.
    This, and more positive tools are at gridlocksmith.com
    May you be safe, Bob, in all your travels!