Treated Like Royalty

February 10th, 2010


Somebody up there must like Bogart. Everywhere we go, the Red Carpet keeps rolling out. We arrived on the Virginia Tech campus Tuesday evening with an invite to stay at the Lancaster House, from the good people at the YMCA at Virginia Tech. This beautiful house sits across from most of the campus and is in easy walking distance to everywhere I plan to visit. My initial contact was with Justin Graves who volunteers with the organization. He and I have been in contact with each other since December. It is during those conversations that the idea for One Million Acts of Kindness Week was formed. Justin has been contacting everyone he knows about spreading the message of kindness long before he and I met. A big thank you goes out to Sandy Wirt and Jen Pollard for their expertise in getting parking passes, securing our accommodations as the only tenants at the Lancaster House, taking me to dinner, and organizing a talk to students. The YMCA at Virginia Tech is as efficient and caring as an organization can be. The volunteers are as friendly and insightful as anyone I have met on this journey. Everyone involved with the YMCA is a true professional. Jen even shoveled the snow to the stairs as I arrived. That was huge. Thank you!!

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