Bogart and the Magical Kindness Bus Tour

March 11th, 2010

Children's literature collection  3-11-10We are using this mission, to further its reach, by writing a series of books for the very youngest of our society. These books will be a primer for children and the creative ways problems can be solved. Bogart, of course will be the star. He will take a human approach as to how he lives his life. He will be a role model to children and problem solver to various dilemmas which are introduced throughout the series. Parents, teachers and care givers alike, can count on Bogart being an ally in helping to create a foundation for children on which to build upon their evolving core beliefs.
This series will follow Bogart as he travels on The Magical Kindness Bus Tour while helping kids to live their lives with a goal of kindness. The best part is, it is a true story as well.

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  1. Amanda king says:

    we enjoyed reading about your bus tour

  2. Amanda king says:

    we enjoyed reading about your bus tour.

  3. were studying your tour in class.

  4. WE would like to learn more about your tours and see more of your dog.we really like the work you do.

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