Going Global

March 15th, 2010

No wisdom greater than kindnessWednesday of this week I received a phone call from Mr. Giampaolo Pioli, President of Correspondents Association at the UN, he has been following One Million Acts Of Kindness with great interest. He requested an interview for La Nazione, Italy’s oldest newspaper, I had to think for a nanosecond. The article ran today in Italy, it is going to take a month to answer my emails. Many thanks, Mr. Giampaolo Pioli for helping to spread this message to Italy and beyond.
I am hearing more and more these days from people, that they have heard of this movement, today from several students and a local school teacher. Four very interested people; John, Gretchen, Dave, and Linda were so supportive of all this movement stands for. Thank you for your very inspiring words. It means the world to me.
Today I completed a rough draft of the first book in the series of,  ” Bogart and The Magical Kindness Bus Tour.”  I am loving this more and more with each passing day.

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  1. Speaking of that kinda stuff: (I referred ya to CBS News the other day)

    A guy there by the name of Steve Hartman would LOVE your story!!!
    I hope he calls…

    Keep it up dude!

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