New College of Florida

March 19th, 2010

New College of Fla. 3-19-10Location location location… With a 180 degree view of Longboat Key across three miles of beautiful blue waters I was wishing that I had more time in my schedule for this college. This honors college, where the average high school GPA of its students was over 3.9, is having its last day of classes before Spring Break. Everyone was in great spirits. My first stop was the Student Activities office, where Lisa the office manager was thrilled to help with spreading this goal of kindness. I had the pleasure of meeting Lucia, a student well on her way to a lifetime of kindness. She credited the lessons her mother and father challenged her with as a child. What a caring person she is. Professor of Russian literature, David Schatz was relaxed as he strolled the campus grounds. He told me of a wonderful quote about kindness, from a Russian author, that he is going to forward to me. He is all for a better world for his students. Chelsea, Senior Class President approached as I talked with Logan, a student studying something that looked like Hieroglyphics to me. She agreed to hand out the fifty stickers, I gave to her, to students after Spring Break. Bogart was a big hit with Chelsea, as she has a Boston at home. I talked with over two hundred students on this campus which was very hard, to have to look at in my rear-view mirror.

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