University of Florida

March 8th, 2010

Univ of FlaOn Saturday, I realized one small glitch in my itinerary, I am arriving in Florida one week early. After seven months since leaving Cleveland, I finally crossed the Florida border today and I’m early. I’m early because all state colleges in Florida are on spring break this week. Whoops! Lucky for me, because of its size, UF still has thousands of students who have remained on campus. Bogart is on cloud nine with all of the squirrels on the green space where we were able to pull the bus. He even seems to have had some help treeing one of the rascals, as is depicted in today’s photo. I had the opportunity to speak with nearly two hundred students in my late afternoon visit. It is nice to have a smaller crowd with little to no pressure of rushing to class, allowing ┬áthe conversations to last longer. This mission is turning out to know no boundaries as we have had more interest, in a very big way. More news on this in the very near future. I am honored.

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