Valdosta State University

March 4th, 2010

Pulling into a large parking lot, to turn the bus around on this unfamiliar campus, was the best thing I did today. It was a lot to the on-campus Presbyterian Church. I was told by some men associated with the church that I shouldn’t miss the opportunity to talk to Tar, the assistant pastor. Tar is a woman with a heart of gold, after touring the bus for nearly a half hour, she said that this was just what she needed today. She is going to network the message of One Million Acts of Kindness to her school. I pulled on campus and creatively parked The Kindness Bus in a high-traffic area. The other best thing that happened was talking to Bobbie Warren, from the English Department. Before I knew it, she had talked me into talking to a classroom full of students. I love when opportunities like these present themselves. Thank you to everyone involved in this last- minute professorship. This campus had no shortage of interested students. Many were already aware of this movement, one student already had a sticker from his friend at UGA. While on campus, another best thing happened. I heard from a kindergarten teacher I met last evening. She told me her family is now on their personal quest of one million acts of kindness. As I began writing this blog, Sara, one of the students from the classroom I visited today, and her friend Christina, stopped by to get a first-hand briefing on my mission. They are thrilled at the prospect of being a positive influence on this world…another best thing. The final best thing just happened, the manager at this local eatery just gave me ten free meal tickets to pass out to students on campus tomorrow…true to the Truett spirit.

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