Honey, I Shrunk the Dog

April 10th, 2010

Bogart shrunk 4-10-10When on the road without a support vehicle, on a wing and a prayer at times. There seems to fall from the sky at very opportune moments, very big-hearted people.
It is hard to believe the similarity of the markings, on the realistic looking statue of the Boston terrier, in a very quaint little store in Delray Beach, Florida. The store, Andi’s Scentique is owned by the nicest woman one could meet, Andi Weiss. Andi is one of those shirt off of one’s back types; she will do for others without a return need.  Since my original Kindness Bus Tour stop in this town, a couple of weeks ago and my current visit, Andi has done every nice act of kindness to assist in helping to make our journey easier. She is a major ambassador of One Million Acts Of Kindness. Thank you Andi.

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