Indian River College, Vero Beach

April 14th, 2010

4-14-10“Good call” were the words used by Caleb, to describe his feelings about One Million Acts Of Kindness and our visit to his campus. We set up shop in front of the Shumann Center and had great interest from everyone we talked with, during our short stay on this campus. Many of the students said they had already seen our bus in this beautiful Treasure Coast town. I am starting to get such positive feed-back from people we have met in the past. This inspires me to no end, to hear such wonderful stories.
Irvin, an employee at the college, talked of a different time when he grew up, then what currently exists. He told me of how there was a sense of neighborhood where he lived in Alabama, where people respected one another. He wants a return to those days. Irvin said to me, what I have been hearing all along my journey. Irvin left with a stack of stickers to start his own kindness campaign.

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