Rotary Club of Vero Beach

April 15th, 2010

Rotary Club 4 15-10A great opportunity to speak to the Rotarians of Vero Beach presented itself, I answered yes to the call without delay. This very active group, has meetings on Thursdays and I was asked by Kathy Sullivan, one of the members, to speak at their luncheon. Being able to talk to a diverse group of professionals gives great exposure to One Million Acts Of Kindness. The message of the Rotary and all of the various projects they are part of, made it a perfect fit for our message. I received so many words of praise at meeting’s end.
Not to rest on ones laurels, I decided to take George Barkett’s advice and visit the nearby Gifford Youth Activity Center. We were met by Program Director, Alfonso Chester who is very involved with making great things happen at this center and lives true to their motto “Where good things are happening”. Alfonso took time out for us, on one of the busiest days of the year, as they were readying for an annual fund raiser. The few students we were able to make contact with, loved the idea of a lifetime goal of kindness.

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