The Kindness of Friends

April 11th, 2010

White and red W 4-13-10Could it be that The Kindness Bus Tour has a message for everyone? It makes no difference who you are, there is a message written on the bus which will resonate with you. The Kindness Bus is a rolling embrace, for the human race.
During The Kindness Bus Tour, I am privileged to meet people who are making their mark on this world. People who are getting involved with helping to comfort those who are suffering. Others who are helping to educate children in our country, as well as children half-way around the world. People who are spending their own time and resources helping victims of natural disasters. Apathy is not a word in their vocabulary, altruism is. These are doers. They don’t just wish for a better world, they help to implement it. This is how great things get accomplished, this is how change takes place.
As time passes, I am becoming the recipient of so many kind acts from friends I make in every town. This past weekend, I did an 80 mile detour back to Delray Beach, Florida. An annual event which took place, gave me the opportunity to talk with children and their parents, about two thousand people in three day’s time. Not wanting to impose on the local firehouse for lodging once again, I decided to hope for the best. The best showed up on Friday evening, in the form of Teri and Jen, two local personal trainers. Teri and Jen wouldn’t stand for me “roughing it” while staying in their town. Teri and Jen have a state of the art training facility in Boca, called; The Warehouse, this beautiful, quiet facility became my place to crash after a couple of very long days. A very big thanks to these wonderful women.

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