An Opportunity to Volunteer

June 2nd, 2010

6-2-10Three months off and no jobs in sight. The prospect of finding employment this summer is not going to happen for many. One in five students will have to find other opportunities. Whether in middle school, high school or home from college for the summer, students will be finding nothing but time on their hands. Millions of kids with nothing to do, but do for others. The opportunity to spend a summer volunteering is now becoming a first-choice option for students. Never has the need been greater and the interest been higher. Charities across the country were wise to market their cause on campuses across the country during the school year. An army of kids is at their disposal and the kids are answering the call in record numbers. This generation is proving that they are interested in helping others; doing good while times aren’t so good.
There are many volunteer opportunities listed on the internet, one site makes it easy by matching the availability of need with the zip code entered by the prospective applicant, it is called Don’t let the summer pass by without helping others if you can.
One other thought, how about having a lemonade stand to raise money for childhood cancer research, visit to get the details on this very important cause.

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