Cleaning the Environment

June 4th, 2010

When young, great minds get together to decide how they can positively help to clean the environment, and then put their plan in action, it is a great inspiration to others. A concerned group of four young adults decided to walk across the United States picking up trash along their two thousand mile journey. All four of them are University of Maryland alumni who decided that they could use the youth they possess to physically challenge themselves for the next several months. What a great undertaking, there is something about taking care of the outside of the earth that is good for the inside of the individual. I am honored that Davey, one of the organizers expressed that he was inspired by One Million Acts Of Kindness. This generation is going to do great things for this world.
Visit the website to follow their daily travels as they involve communities and individuals along their journey. Pick Up America is currently in their third month of an eight month adventure.

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