It Just Keeps Getting Better

June 8th, 2010

6-8-10Inspire Kindness is the theme at North Side School and the students live up to that challenge as it is an ever-present thought in their daily activities. Walking the halls, one can see the projects of” kindness from the heart” which hang on the walls, everything from helping the people of Haiti to getting involved with those in need in the community. The student body, at this early stage in their lives, is receiving the tools they need to grow into caring individuals because of the dedicated staff and parental involvement; a mix of nurturing, every child should have on a continual basis.
Today’s presentations to five more classes was met with great enthusiasm and hundreds of questions posed by inquiring minds, one student even asked me if I could do a head-stand under water; that in itself was worth the price of admission. Nearly every question or comment from the students showed how deeply committed they are to being caring individuals. One first-grader told me that since the Inspire Kindness campaign has started at the beginning of the school year, he has been tracking his kind acts on a poster board in his bedroom, to date he has performed 9,323 kind acts. I’m convinced that this generation is going to do great things to change things for the good in this world.
Tonight was Family Fun Night at North Side School. We were treated to grilled delicacies by “chef” Bloomgarden and “grill maestro” Foster. Thank you guys for treating Bogart and me to dinner. Talking with parents and children, I was afforded the opportunity to see first-hand the connect families have, as most every parent already knew about One Million Acts Of Kindness. This pleases me beyond words. Thanks to everyone.
Bogart played his usual role as diplomat, as hundreds of parents and children came to greet him at his unannounced locale.
** Special thanks go out to Diane, who provided Bogart with needed exercise during the course of the day.

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