Kindness in Congress

June 21st, 2010

6-21-10**Disclaimer; Today’s blog is not about politics, it will never be that. It is not about being pro or con about any group or issue, it can never be that. I will not express any opinion of any of my beliefs in this forum. I don’t wish to further divide by taking sides with any group. It will always be about helping to unite sides.
I met Senator Schumer in Central Park, at the Father’s Day run for prostate cancer awareness. He had just given a passionate speech about how many men in his family have had prostate cancer and how important it is to be screened for this disease. I thought I should approach him, to tell him of my passion.
So there I was, without any One Million Acts Of Kindness stickers in my pocket or one of my shirts with the logo, but I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity which presented itself. Knowing that a man like Senator Schumer is very busy, I decided to get right to the point, get a picture taken with him and tell him about One Million Acts Of Kindness. He left, promising to read the Father’s Day blog and even restated the domain name as he parted.
A movement towards kindness in congress has to start somewhere for the good of us all. This chance meeting could be the impetus towards a very good change. Kindness needs to sweep this nation and I know of no better place to start than at the top. It is time for all of us to start working together for the good of the whole. Who knows, maybe this will turn out like a modern day Mr. Smith goes to Washington.
New York City is so awesome, the sheer volume of people I can talk with in a day is beyond anything I have witnessed in the last year of my journey. This weekend proved to me that I am on the right path as I have received nothing but positive feedback from the thousands of people I have had contact with. Mr. Smith, you may have company very soon.

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