North Side Elementary School, Long Island

June 7th, 2010

6-7-10It is days like this one, which makes what I am trying to accomplish all worth while. Talented educators, Jeanne Rose and Karen Homer have been teaching their students the importance of kindness, all year long. My invite to this school has been in the works for nearly five months. Jeanne has been a one woman PR spokesperson while arranging One Million Acts Of Kindness’ visit to this campus.
Today was the first of three days of kindness programs, for kids in Kindergarten through grade 4. The school’s  enrichment program has introduced all of today’s attendees, to the importance of living a life of kindness. I was pleased that many of these same students, have a One Million Acts Of Kindness certificate hung in a prominent place in their homes. I was pleased as well when I realized that all of the educators and administrators had one of these same certificates hanging in their offices. To me, that speaks volumes on the role model relationship these educators choose to effectively lead their lives by, while under the watchful eye of hundreds of impressionable children.

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