In the Line of Duty

July 7th, 2010

7-7-10Nearly two years has passed since Officer Joshua Miktarian was gunned down on a routine traffic stop in Twinsburg, Ohio. I remember the day well, as I was in Twinsburg several hours later. I passed a makeshift memorial on the side of the road not knowing what it was for. I turned around and went back to discover the tragic reason for the memorial. This quiet town between Akron and Cleveland was deeply saddened in the early morning hours of July 13th 2008. A hero had his life senselessly taken.
Today I  planned on visiting the Twinsburg Police Department and Fire Department after a morning meeting. I arrived at the Police dispatch desk and was pleased to hear that the dispatch officer already had heard of One Million Acts Of Kindness and had a sticker on her desk, unbelievable!
The Kindness Bus Tour is continually evolving. One item for which I am most proud is being able to talk with younger kids about real life heroes and role models, specifically Police Officers and Fire Fighters. Hoping to inform children of the work that these first responders perform, keeping all of us free from harm, is one of my long term goals. Respect for authority seems to have eluded many children over the last couple of decades; all the more reason to help kids understand the need for knowledge of what heroic feats these modern day role models perform for all of us.
My continued thoughts and prayers for the Miktarian family on this second anniversary of the loss of their loved one.

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  1. Chief Noga says:

    Thanks for stopping by and paying your respects to Josh. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t miss him, but he is still with us in so many ways.

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