Nobody Ever Comes to Visit

July 12th, 2010

Cy was married for 68 years to the same woman before she passed away when he was 90. Cy then lived alone for almost 2 years before he realized he needed help taking care of himself. He put it off as long as he could, inevitably moving to an assisted living facility. Cy made many friends during his life and he has outlived most of them. He has a small, extended family and he is alone most of the day. Since living in the assisted facility, Cy told me the only people he interacts with are the other residents. “Nobody ever comes to visit” he says.
Cy is in excellent health, mentally and physically. He is a wealth of information, a national resource. He is a pleasure to be with. Cy is one of millions of seniors whose lives are now lived within the walls of a care facility. Most, if not all seniors, reiterate Cy’s words.
If you are interested in visiting and helping to brighten the day of seniors, be prepared to be filled with a life of a wealth of stories from some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet.

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