Not Fit for Man Nor Beast

July 6th, 2010

7-6-10Timing is everything. Bogart and I have been indoors during these dog days of summer. We arrived just before the mercury climbed like a Tour de France biker up the side of a mountain .
Today I was able to retro-fit a number of items in The Kindness Bus. I have consolidated a few things and have off-loaded many more. The 84 sq ft of interior luxury seems to have doubled in size with the removal of some built-in items.  Living on the Kindness Bus for nearly a year, I now know the importance of everything being in its place. It is all important for everything to be secured with the top-end speeds The Kindness Bus reaches. 102 degrees in the bus makes the biggest improvement being added to The Kindness Bus, air conditioning. Deciding that this tour is a year-round effort, Bogart needs to have a safe environment as we travel in the hot summer weather.     This tour has now become much easier in terms of comfort.
**In this heat, remember to keep all children and animals indoors in a cool area of your home. Always have water available for your pets as well.

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