Peace in Every Language

July 10th, 2010

Being able to talk with people from over forty nations during my recent two week stay in New York City has inspired me. Taking this movement across the ponds, all seven of them, seems like a lofty goal, however, with the internet and the exploding interest in this mission, people from around the world will soon know of One Million Acts Of Kindness. There are now a few people from different countries helping to spread the message of this mission in their nations.
“Peace is for everyone, make it your life’s mission” is one of the new “works of art” to adorn The Kindness Bus. It has the prominent location of the entrance door to The Kindness Bus. There is a matching second half of door which will have the word “Peace” which will be written in as many languages as space will allow. I think it is fitting to have the entrance door be a tribute to worldwide peace.

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