Peace One Day

July 21st, 2010

Two months from today, September 21st, will mark the tenth time this annual celebration of peace will take place. Jeremy Gilley had a dream in 1999 to try and convince leaders around the world to try and have a day of peace, he worked tirelessly to reach his objective. In two years time, he convinced all 192 member nations of the UN to take part in a worldwide cease fire. The power of one is amazing to me.
Peace One Day also promotes non-violence in our communities, homes and schools. Jeremy’s near-term goal is to have 3 billion people get involved with peace and non-violence by the 2012 Peace Day.
As I travel to campuses I am finding a generation of kids involved with all sorts of human rights issues. Kids giving of themselves to help others across the world. If you have extra time to dedicate to a great movement, would be a good place to start.

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