Unintended Inspiration

July 5th, 2010

7-5-10The beauty of this mission is when something happens unexpectedly. While talking to a group of kids today, I was busy keeping Bogart from chasing after a squirrel who seemed to be taunting him. During our conversation, I didn’t notice the group of older individuals walking around The Kindness Bus, while listening to me talking with the kids. One of the kids seemed a little uninterested, while his friends seemed to have all the interest in the world. I tried to inspire him in many ways with the hope that something would make an impact. I talked with as much passion about my mission as I ever have, my talk seemed to fall a little short for his needs. They headed off after several minutes and I hoped my message would have reached all of them.
I turned and saw the other group waiting to talk with me. They had heard every word I had just said and wanted to tell me how inspired they were, by my words to the other group. I was thrilled at the level of interest they had from over-hearing my conversation with the much younger group. The more people I talk with, no matter the age, the message of kindness seems to me, to resonate the same to all.

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