Farmers’ Market/University of Michigan

August 4th, 2010

An early start to the day made it possible to find the prime parking spot at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market. Cynthia, my hostess last night, saw to it that I was introduced to all of the people she knew, which made it helpful in connecting. I made sure by market closing time that I had talked with all stand owners and many shoppers. Vickie Elmer, a local Ann Arbor resident, who wrote a wonderful article about One Million Acts Of Kindness in the AARP Newsletter earlier this year, stopped by The Kindness Bus to say hello. I met two others who extended invites to dinner at their homes with family and friends. One of the two was Sarah who invited me to her dinner party this evening.
Bogart and I spent the remainder of the afternoon near the corner of State and University at the University of Michigan campus. We were able to talk with a few hundred students in this highly traveled area. Parking is difficult even at this time of year, I can’t imagine how tough it must be when everyone is back in town. The parking gods must have been smiling down on us while in town.
This evening, Bogart and I were guests in the home of Sarah and “Lieutenant” Dan Nicoli. Bogart got some much needed “dog time” with their two dogs as he made sure they got their fill of “catch me if you can”. I got some much needed stimulating dinner conversation. Sassa, Jan, Lisa and Jim, friends of the Nicoli’s, were the four other dinner guests. What a fun bunch of friends. We spent the evening laughing the hours away. Much of the evening was spent on telling of The Kindness Bus Tour and the great people and stories along the way. Evenings such as this, make my travels all the easier. A number of great ideas to better my mission came out of our conversation. Sassa is going to promote One Million Acts Of Kindness in her native, Sweden.

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