Many More Buses Needed

August 12th, 2010

8-12-10If you are at a point in your life where you can take a leap of faith, boy have I got a proposition for you. One year into my mission and one thing is as plain as day, there needs to be hundreds of these buses across the United States. I must have heard that sentiment echoed a hundred times this past year.
The payoff is huge; you will make an impact in millions of lives. Millions? Without a doubt. One Million Acts Of Kindness is being spread exponentially across the internet. The best way to combat hatred in this world is by individual kindness by millions/billions of people. Let’s show the world how kind our great country is, by embracing a lifetime goal of kindness with the hopes it then spreads throughout the world. This cannot happen without you taking part in this prodigious endeavor.
The Kindness Bus Tour is slowly making its way to New York City. We got caught in quite a bit of rain and had to pull off I-80. Unbelievable to me, it is the exit for Penn State. We will be making a visit in the morning.

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