New York City Kindness

August 15th, 2010

8-15-10Arriving in New York City on Saturday afternoon, the weather was perfect for any outdoor activity. Seeing the streets full of people, added to the excitement of knowing I would be able to talk with people in Central Park, from all parts of the world. As discovered on my previous month-long stay in New York, people from nations across the globe are loving the message of One Million Acts Of Kindness.
Central Park is a big draw for families, my favorite group to talk with. It is such a reward for me to know that a message of kindness is going to travel halfway around the world to the countries of these families. Italy, France, Germany and England were but a few of the countries represented by these families.
In the afternoon of Saturday and the rain-shortened Sunday, The Kindness Bus, being parked at one of the main entrances to Central Park was viewed by tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters. Bogart and I worked the crowds inside the park, challenging those who passed by, to take the One Million Acts Of Kindness lifetime pledge. It was a huge success. You can find one of these certificates on the homepage of our website, make your personal pledge today.
Two friends who are a big help when I visit are, Donna and Sally. They bend over backwards to lend assistance with anything the Kindness Bus Tour may need. Many thanks to both of them for their continued support.

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