Penn State

August 13th, 2010

8-13-10Katy, a very caring ROTC junior is interested in helping those needing care in hospitals. She was so excited to see Bogart as she had recently lost one of her two Irish setters. She posed at the Lion Shrine with a very content Bogart for today’s picture. Elsie, who was walking the campus grounds said “this is exactly what this world needs” and immediately put one of the stickers she took to good use. Tim, a construction materials testing engineer, talked with me on his lunch hour about making the world a better place his new grandchild will grow up in. He wished me all the best this world has to offer. WTAJ reporter Ashantai and cameraman Tom stopped by to do a story on One Million Acts Of Kindness. They thought it would be a great way to spread word about my mission to central Pennsylvania. A passerby said “There should be more news like this on TV?”
During the late evening hours the streets were crowded with parents and students, most of them are here for summer graduation tomorrow. I had the fortune of meeting Asa (a green energy guru) and his wife April, she owns the Enchanted Kitchen, a vegetarian restaurant in State College. They were so happy to see The Kindness Bus everywhere they were, as it moved from spot to spot.
I talked to over 500 people on this very long day on campus, not bad for a visit to a campus I wasn’t planning on visiting until next spring. I’ll be back.

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