Plant a Tree, New York City

August 22nd, 2010

8-21-10Three simple words…… Plant a Tree.   But it says a lot about the hope for a brighter tomorrow. Every generation wants to create something for the future. Something which stands for improving the world on many levels, as an individual or an entire generation. The young man who wrote these words is about 12 yrs old, with a lifetime of planting trees ahead of him. Planting trees of caring for mankind and the environment from a young, kind heart. This is the wish of this younger generation. It is an insurance policy for the uncertainty that the future holds. An act of kindness which will bear fruit for generations to come. Everyone should,   “Plant a tree, in fact, plant an entire forest of trees.”
Cental Park, near the entrance to Strawberry Fields, always offers a melting pot of individuals and families from across the world, tens of thousands of them for me to interact with. I love New York.

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