Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

September 6th, 2010

9-6-10“Cleveland, The City of Kindness” campaign reached out to thousands today. The main walking route to the entrance to the Cleveland Air Show was where I chose to interact with as many people as possible. While walking by, people took the time to sign or answer the survey verbally. This unscientific survey is so one-sidedly favorable, it shows how much, the residents of this area, want a positive national image of Cleveland. I talked with so many people this Labor Day Weekend that my voice started to leave. Many families with children talked with me about their goals for the future, all of them included kindness.
The Kindness Bus Tour was afforded a couple of great parking spots near the Air Show. Thanks to the Coast Guard, the Cleveland Police and Caitelyn and Oz at a local hotel, for allowing me to park in areas of high visibility.
The “Cleveland, The City of Kindness” campaign survey numbers are currently; 4,623 for and 32 against.

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