International Peace Day

September 21st, 2010

9-21-10Putting The Gow School in my rear view mirror was a hard thing to do this morning. After breakfast and well wishes from half the student body, we headed south toward St. Bonaventure University. While driving, I decided that from this point forward on our journey, I am going to stop at every school I pass and give them information on One Million Acts Of Kindness. It didn’t take long to see the success of this new addition to my travels; it took exactly 1 school. The very first school I stopped at was an elementary school and they were outside celebrating International Peace Day by doing a Pinwheels for Peace project. They couldn’t believe The Kindness Bus appeared on their campus. We made a great connection not only this school, but four others as well on the way to St. Bonaventure.
Arriving at “Bona’s” we were met by a very personable man named Vito. He took us on a tour and told us of the history of some of the campus landmarks. He took our picture with the bus and told me he was going to work on getting us some press on campus. Thank you, Vito. The women working in the Registrar’s office were equally as nice. They made Bogart feel as if he was the campus mascot. I can see it now, Bogarto Bonaventure.

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