September 8th, 2010

Having to have oral surgery is low on everyone’s list, except perhaps the surgeon’s. The pain of yesterday’s surgery was masked by some sort of wonder drug making me wonder where I was at times. Getting up and out this morning was short-lived. I went to a venue where a talk by local county government officials took place and promoted my “Cleveland, The City Of Kindness” campaign, I received 82 positive responses vs no negative responses.
Not to miss an opportunity of President Obama coming to Cuyahoga Community College in Northeast Ohio, I headed to this campus and positioned myself where no one else was standing with my Let’s Make Cleveland “The City of Kindness” sign, as his car passed by my sign in clear view, he did a double-take. I’m putting him down as a “yes” to my campaign.
I was contacted today, by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation to do a short article on One Million Acts Of Kindness for their website. I am honored beyond words. Not bad for a three hour day.

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  1. lindsay walker says:

    thinking of you wishing you a speedy recovery from your oral surgery it was an honor to have you in ashland. I am trying hard to remember my one million acts of kindness it’s great that you made the president do a double take lord knows where your going from here but bless you and keep on trucking
    stay well my friend

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